Meghan Markle: Prince Harry bride's secret past finally acknowledged by the Royal Family

Meghan Markle: Prince Harry bride's secret past finally acknowledged by the Royal Family

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MEGHAN MARKLE will marry Harry in just under two months, but what about her secret past was recently acknowledged by Kensington Palace? The Royal Family made a crucial mention of Meghan's former identity outside of her upcoming nuptials.

Meghan Markle will not rely on Kate Middleton's friendship in the actress' new home of London, it was revealed yesterday.

This is because “independent” Meghan, who is originally from Los Angeles and spent seven years living in Toronto while filming Suits, is keen to make her own “network” of friends.

“I do hear plenty to suggest that they’re quite different people and that have quite different interests,” royal expert Katie Nicholls, who wrote Harry: Life, Loss and Love, told InStyle.

21 March 2018, 7:48am

Meghan's lifestyle website was acknowledged in an official announcement by Kensington Palace yesterday about Meghan and Harry's wedding cake designer.

In a post announcing the couple’s choice of Claire Ptak as their wedding cake designer yesterday, Kensington Palace included the sentence: “Ms. Markle previously interviewed Chef Ptak for her lifestyle website The Tig.”

The LA born actress deleted all her social media ahead of her wedding to the prince, along with deleting her lifestyle website in April 2017, which she had run for three years.

This is in accordance with a royal protocol that means royals don’t usually use social media – although Princess Eugenie’s Instagram recently defied this. Meghan's Instagram account featured her pictures of her enjoying yoga and travel around the world.

However, the gesture from the palace showed there is no desire to hide the former identity of Meghan, who also acted in US legal drama series Suits.

Meghan Markle The Tig

What was The Tig? In a post closing the website, Meghan described it as “a passion project”, and elsewhere on the site described it as “a hub for the discerning palate - those with a hunger for food, travel, fashion & beauty”.

She also spoke in the same post about what the website followers meant to her: “You've made my days brighter and filled this experience with so much joy.

“What began as a passion project (my little engine that could) evolved into an amazing community of inspiration, support, fun and frivolity.”

Acknowledging the website showed the palace wasn’t afraid to mention Meghan’s distinctive personality outside of her upcoming nuptials to Harry.

Meghan’s wedding cake choice – a lemon and elderflower cake – was also a crucial breakaway from the more traditional royal fruit cake.

Meghan was voted the “most relatable and in tune with the public” of the royals in a poll commissioned by Voucher Codes Pro.

The survey asked 2,311 Britons aged over 18 their thoughts on the British Royal Family. Nearly a third of those asked “Which members of the Royal Family do you feel are most relatable/in tune with the public?” chose Meghan as their answer.

Only 13 per cent felt that Kate Middleton was the most relatable member of the Royal Family. Eleven per cent of those who chose Meghan as their most relatable royal did so because “she’s a feminist.”

The majority of respondents stated it was because “she was an actress in the public eye before the engagement” (31 per cent), whilst others stated it was because “she seems so down to earth” (14 per cent).

Respondents were asked why they felt Kate Middleton wasn’t so relatable. Forty-nine per cent responded: “She’s been moulded into someone else since marrying into the family”.

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