New Scientific Anomaly – Magnetic Field has been Growing Beneath the South Atlantic

New Scientific Anomaly – Magnetic Field has been Growing Beneath the South Atlantic

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For a long period of time, scientists and regular class citizens have been aware that the Earth's North and South Pole are important to how Earth shields us from radiation that comes from the Sun or, at times, from outer space.

However, it has recently been recorded that this magnetic field has started to weaken a bit.
Where is this happening?

The place is which this process is most visible in South America, a hole that has been named the South Atlantic anomaly. Why was this named like this? Because it spans over the heart of South America and it reaches Africa through the South Atlantic. This hole is responsible for letting radiation get closer to the Earth’s orbit.

Moreover, it makes computers that operate with Space Station technology stop working. A good example of this would be the 2016 Hitomi X-ray satellite that span out of control after it passed this gap.

A new study on this matter

There is a new study that was published in the Geophysical Research letters which addresses this matter. John Tarduno, along with a number of archaeologists, decided to look into this issue by going as far back in time as they could. They found out that this disturbance in the magnetic field has been growing for over 1000 years and that, were they to locate it, it would be approximately 2900km beneath the Earth’s surface.

They speculate that due to the size and the form of this anomaly it could be the precursor of a reversal in the magnetic field, which would make the Earth’s poles switch. They wanted to mention that if this anomaly does continue to grow, it would make one side of Earth more exposed to radiation and solar storms, a fact that would be devastating to the areas that are going to be affected.

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  • 18.3.2018 23:12:39 john uk

    1082 miles .are we talking about the core .. I often think what feeds this rock we are living on.and why are we so interested in the way things happen. hand why are we Hear on this rock. one said do not look to fare into space, as you will go mad. Stephen Hawking's.i think he knew more than others, could think beyond use. as he could not do much so he stuck to this time of thinking.where we create so much and downt have time to think like he did. we did not make this rock. so what did? the old story was told in past times. so where did the first grain come from? was it magnetize. just my thinking as i was passing the of my age. losing the static in my .why. could be old age. as the earth is getting old it will start to lose its strength.we have brought the tools of the time so others can keep an eye on all. you no in time we will depart from this rock. i will be dust .there will be no coming back. New Scientific Anomaly – Magnetic Field has been Growing Beneath the South Atlantic. ?? thank from John.

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