TRIBBLE BREWING? Towie newbie Shelby Tribble flirts grinds on Liam Gatsby – despite new relationship with Pete Wicks

TRIBBLE BREWING? Towie newbie Shelby Tribble flirts grinds on Liam Gatsby – despite new relationship with Pete Wicks

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Although her best pal Clelia Theodorou tried to warn Shelby off, the stunning reality star continued to get up close and personal with ladies' man Liam



TOWIE newbie Shelby Tribble made a big impression on co-star Liam Gatsby during last night’s series premiere.

The 24-year-old reality star was spotted flirting and grinding on ladies’ man Liam, despite her boyfriend Pete Wicks being at the same event.

Pete and Shelby, who’ve been dating for a few months, kept their distance from one another during the evening and Shelby wasted no time in getting up on the dancefloor.

As her co-star Yazmin Oukhellou took to the DJ decks at swanky Sheesh in Chigwell, Shelby caught Liam’s eye as she started dancing.

An eyewitness told The Sun Online: “Liam couldn't keep his hands off Shelby.

“He was grinding on her and kept putting his hand around her waist and on her bum.

Shelby looked thrilled to be showing off her dance moves to her new friend

“Shelby was loving the attention and Gatsby let her know he was enjoying It! He only had eyes for her, even though Pete was at the same party.”

Not everyone was impressed with Shelby’s dance moves however, as her best pal – and Dan Edgar’s love interest – Clelia Theodorou let her mate know she didn’t approve.

Our bystander added: “Gatsby walked off to get a drink and when he came back, he tried to tempt Shelby back up to dance again.

“But her best mate Clelia gave her a telling off. She pointed at her and repeatedly said the word 'no' but Shelby just laughed and then carried on dancing with him. They were clearly very good mates and just having a good time but Clelia didn't seem impressed.”

Liam, snapped here with Amber Turner, looked as though he was having the time of his life at the bash

Clelia’s less than impressed demeanour could have a lot to do with the fact her Towie rival Amber Turner turned up to the bash in exactly the same outfit as her.

Both were horrified when they realised their fashion faux pas and they tried to avoid each other all evening.

A source explained: “Amber and Clelia were mortified.
“They stood as far away from each other in the official cast line up when they first arrived and afterwards did everything they could to avoid each other.

“They only stood in the same room twice and kept a massive distance from each other. It was so awkward, everyone was talking about it.

“At one point, Amber was dancing on the stage and Clelia sat down at the back of the room and glared at her.”

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